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Academic Pathway

1st - 8th English

Our reading class is designed to engage students in brief, integrated reading and writing activities daily or at least weekly. Students read grade-appropriate articles and short stories covering every genre of literature. Readings are based on the student’s pace and ability. Also, Students review critical literary elements: plot, figurative language, conflict, theme, and more. Then they organize a literary response essay under guidance of the tutor. This develops student’s ability to demonstrate comprehension through various literary genres

Reading Class:

      - Reading Comprehension

      - Vocabulary

      - Fluency

      - Phonics

Writing Class:

      - Writing Process

      - Planning, Revising, Editing

      - Common Core Writing

      - PARCC Assessment Skills

      - Opinion Writing

      - Informative Writing

      - Argumentative Writing

      - Narrative Writing

Teaching English

Our writing program takes these following steps to improve a student's writing skills:

      - Diagnostic Test: reveal what a student has learned and needs to learn.

      - Building skills: learn five components (Writing, Story structures, Literature, Critical 

                                   thinking, Grammar) 

      - Writing

      - Revising

1st - 8th Math

Our Math program use these steps to improve a student's core math skills:

      - Diagnostic Test: reveals what a student has learned and needs to learn

      - Lesson and Tutoring: covers all basic concepts from textbook and workbook

      - Assessment and check: allows quick assessments of your child’s basic skills for each


      - Problem Solving: accelerates student’s skills with hard questions, word problem etc.

Math Class: 

                                - 1st ~ 8th Level Math

                      - Pre-Algebra / Algebra / Geometry

                      - PARCC Preparation

                      - AMC Prep

                      - KANGAROO Math Contest

                      - CTY (SCAT & SAT)

                      - COGAT Practice (GT Test)

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