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FALL 2023

In the past several months, we know it may have been challenging to access proper, academic help to hone your children's skills at home amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Until the situation has settled, our center has decided to conduct our courses online to provide a safe learning experience for your children. Our staff will engage in
LIVE, ONLINE class sessions and supply your children the material they need to enrich their minds.

We sincerely hope for your family's continued safety and health.

Please check the "Virtual Classes" page for the classes in session. If you are interested in enrolling or have any questions, please contact us!

9147 Red Branch Rd Ste-A., Columbia, MD 21045

Any inquiries?

Business Hours: Mon-Fri 12pm to 8pm

How are we unique? 

Best Academy of Columbia offers a variety of services for students at all academic levels in order to advance your children's path to academic success:

We are certainly the center in Howard County to enroll your children in for the most beneficial tutoring service and a reliable, personalized tutoring plan.  

1-on-1 or group sessions with our knowledgeable and credible teachers 

9th-12th graders are offered a variety of opportunities, including SAT I and II Prep for numerous subjects

For 1st-8th graders, the Regular Academic programs will enhance your children's skills in school subjects

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Homework help and practices that can build up your children's skills in a subject(s)

Both parents and students will receive free consultation and advising whether it's for a specific academic course or  can't decide on which college to apply for.

To learn more about these services, please scroll down or use the menu.

1st-8th grade

The Regular Academic Program is aimed to cultivate 1st-8th grade students' Math and English skills. It will help maintain practical skills that are useful for school.

9th-12th Grade

Our high school programs offer a wide variety of educational opportunities to students at all learning levels.


Many of our teachers are experienced in a wide range of subjects such as Math, Chemistry and English. They can also walk-through with their students on test-prep material or schoolwork.

Virtual Classes

We are currently holding online class meetings for our students. The class material will be given by email or any electronics means. If you have difficulty or can't receive the needed content, please contact us.

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